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A little introductory post on how to setup IntelliJ IDEA for ClojureScript.
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The biggest advantage of using a self-host runtime like lumo is that it integrates seamlessly with the JavaScript ecosystem. Let's see how.
1325 words, 9 min read
Replumb 0.2.0 not only provides a couple of long-standing fixes but also brings to life quite a useful new namespace - replumb.ast. The goal this time is to ease the burden, as the README states, of dealing with the huge bag of compiler state data. Let's see how.
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This blog post unveils the magic and the gotchas behind require, the omnipresent Clojure(Script) function that loads your symbols in the current namespace.
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Ever wondered if you can embed ClojureScript in a GitHub blog? Of course you can: at the end of the day, ClojureScript just transpiles to plain old JavaScript that can be included in any web page.